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from typing import Any, Union, Optional

from anndata import AnnData
from cellrank import logging as logg
from cellrank._key import Key
from cellrank.ul._docs import d
from cellrank.ul._utils import _read_graph_data
from import KernelExpression, UnidirectionalKernel

import numpy as np
from scipy.sparse import spmatrix, csr_matrix

__all__ = ("PrecomputedKernel",)

[docs]@d.dedent class PrecomputedKernel(UnidirectionalKernel): """ Kernel which contains a precomputed transition matrix. Parameters ---------- object Can be one of the following types: - :class:`anndata.AnnData` - annotated data object. - :class:`scipy.sparse.spmatrix`, :class:`numpy.ndarray` - row-normalized transition matrix. - :class:`` - kernel expression. - :class:`str` - key in :attr:`anndata.AnnData.obsp` where the transition matrix is stored. ``adata`` must be provided in this case. - :class:`bool` - directionality of the transition matrix that will be used to infer its storage location. If `None`, the directionality will be determined automatically. ``adata`` must be provided in this case. %(adata)s Must be provided when ``object`` is :class:`str` or :class:`bool`. obsp_key Key in :attr:`anndata.AnnData.obsp` where the transition matrix is stored. If `None`, it will be determined automatically. Only used when ``object`` is :class:`anndata.AnnData`. copy Whether or not to copy the stored transition matrix. backward Hint whether this is a forward, backward or a unidirectional kernel. Only used when ``object`` is :class:`anndata.AnnData`. """ _SENTINEL = object() def __init__( self, object: Union[str, bool, np.ndarray, spmatrix, AnnData, KernelExpression], adata: Optional[AnnData] = None, obsp_key: Optional[str] = None, **kwargs: Any, ): if isinstance(object, AnnData): self._from_adata(object, obsp_key=obsp_key, **kwargs) elif isinstance(object, KernelExpression): self._from_kernel(object, copy=kwargs.get("copy", False)) elif isinstance(object, (np.ndarray, spmatrix)): self._from_matrix(object, adata=adata, **kwargs) elif isinstance(adata, AnnData): if isinstance(object, str): self._from_adata(adata, obsp_key=object, **kwargs) elif object is None or isinstance(object, bool): kwargs["backward"] = object self._from_adata(adata, **kwargs) else: raise ValueError("Unable to interpret the data.") else: raise TypeError( f"Expected `object` to be either `str`, `bool`, `numpy.ndarray`, " f"`scipy.sparse.spmatrix`, `AnnData` or `KernelExpression`, " f"found `{type(object).__name__}`" ) def _from_adata( self, adata: AnnData, obsp_key: Optional[str] = None, backward: Optional[bool] = _SENTINEL, copy: bool = False, ) -> None: if obsp_key is None: obsp_key = Key.uns.kernel(backward) tmat = _read_graph_data(adata, obsp_key) if backward is PrecomputedKernel._SENTINEL: # not ideal, since None/False share the same key, we prefer False if obsp_key == Key.uns.kernel(bwd=False): backward = False elif obsp_key == Key.uns.kernel(bwd=True): backward = True else: backward = None self._from_matrix(tmat, adata=adata, backward=backward, copy=copy) self.params["origin"] = f"adata.obsp[{obsp_key!r}]" def _from_kernel(self, kernel: KernelExpression, copy: bool = False) -> None: if kernel.transition_matrix is None: raise RuntimeError( "Compute transition matrix first as `.compute_transition_matrix()`." ) self._from_matrix( kernel.transition_matrix, backward=kernel.backward, adata=kernel.adata, copy=copy, ) self._params = kernel.params.copy() self.params["origin"] = repr(kernel) def _from_matrix( self, matrix: Union[np.ndarray, spmatrix], adata: Optional[AnnData] = None, backward: Optional[bool] = None, copy: bool = False, ) -> None: # fmt: off if adata is None: logg.warning(f"Creating empty `AnnData` object of shape `{matrix.shape[0], 1}`") adata = AnnData(csr_matrix((matrix.shape[0], 1), dtype=np.float64)) super().__init__(adata) self._backward: Optional[bool] = backward self.transition_matrix = matrix.copy() if copy else matrix self.params['origin'] = "array" # fmt: on
[docs] def compute_transition_matrix(self, *_: Any, **__: Any) -> "PrecomputedKernel": """Do nothing and return self.""" return self
@property def backward(self) -> Optional[bool]: """Direction of the process.""" return self._backward