Source code for cellrank.external.kernels._statot_kernel

from typing import Any, Union, Optional
from typing_extensions import Literal

from anndata import AnnData
from cellrank._key import Key
from cellrank.ul._docs import d

import numpy as np
import pandas as pd

_error = None
    from statot import OTKernel as OTKernel_
except ImportError as e:
    from cellrank.external.kernels._import_error_kernel import (
        ErroredKernel as OTKernel_,

    _error = e

[docs]@d.dedent class StationaryOTKernel(OTKernel_, error=_error): """ Stationary optimal transport kernel from :cite:`zhang:21`. This class requires the `statOT` package, which can be installed as `pip install statot POT`. Parameters ---------- %(adata)s terminal_states Key in :attr:`anndata.AnnData.obs` or a categorical :class:`pandas.Series` where non-`NaN` values mark terminal states. If `None`, terminal states are assumed to be present in :attr:`anndata.AnnData.obs` ``['terminal_states']``. g Key in :attr:`anndata.AnnData.obs` containing relative growth rates for cells or the array itself. kwargs Additional keyword arguments. """ __import_error_message__ = "Unable to import the kernel. Please install `statOT` first as `pip install statot POT`." def __init__( self, adata: AnnData, g: Union[str, np.ndarray], terminal_states: Optional[Union[str, pd.Series]] = None, **kwargs: Any, ): if isinstance(terminal_states, str): adata.obs[Key.obs.term_states(bwd=False)] = adata.obs[terminal_states] elif isinstance(terminal_states, pd.Series): adata.obs[Key.obs.term_states(bwd=False)] = terminal_states try: super().__init__(adata, g=g, **kwargs) except Exception as e: # noqa: B902 raise RuntimeError("Unable to initialize the kernel.") from e def _read_from_adata( self, conn_key: Optional[str] = "connectivities", read_conn: bool = True, **kwargs: Any, ) -> None: super()._read_from_adata(conn_key=conn_key, read_conn=False, **kwargs)
[docs] def compute_transition_matrix( self, eps: float, dt: float, basis: str = "X_pca", cost_norm_method: Optional[str] = None, method: Literal["ent", "quad", "unbal"] = "ent", tol: float = 0.0, thresh: float = 0.0, maxiter: int = 5000, C: Optional[np.ndarray] = None, verbose: bool = False, **kwargs: Any, ) -> "StationaryOTKernel": """ Compute transition matrix using stationary OT :cite:`zhang:21`. Parameters ---------- eps Regularization parameter. dt Choice of the time step over which to fit the model. basis Key in :attr:`anndata.AnnData.obsm` where the basis is stored. cost_norm_method Cost normalization method to use. Use "mean" to ensure `mean(C) = 1` or refer to :func:`ot.utils.cost_normalization` for more information. method Choice of regularization. Valid options are: - `'ent'` - entropy. - `'quad'` - L2-norm. - `'unbal'` - unbalanced transport (not yet implemented). tol Relative tolerance for OT solver convergence. thresh Threshold for output transition probabilities. maxiter Maximum number of iterations for OT solver. C Cost matrix for optimal transport problem. verbose Detailed output on convergence of OT solver. kwargs Additional keyword arguments. Returns ------- :class:`cellrank.external.kernels.StationaryOTKernel` Makes :attr:`transition_matrix` available. """ if method not in ("ent", "quad", "unbal"): raise ValueError( f"Invalid method `{method!r}`. Valid options are: `{['ent', 'quad', 'unbal']}`." ) if method == "unbal": raise NotImplementedError("Method `'unbal'` is not yet implemented.") super().compute_transition_matrix( eps, dt, expr_key=basis, cost_norm_method=cost_norm_method, method=method, tol=tol, thresh=thresh, maxiter=maxiter, C=C, verbose=verbose, **kwargs, ) return self