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from typing import Any, Union, Callable, Optional

from pathlib import Path

from scvelo import read as scv_read
from anndata import AnnData
from cellrank import logging as logg
from cellrank._key import Key
from cellrank.ul._docs import d
from import _deprecate
from import _create_categorical_colors
from import Lineage

from matplotlib.colors import is_color_like

[docs]@d.dedent @_deprecate(version="2.0") def read( path: Union[Path, str], read_callback: Callable = scv_read, **kwargs: Any, ) -> AnnData: """ Read file and return :class:`anndata.AnnData` object. Parameters ---------- path Path to the annotated data object. read_callback Function that actually reads the :class:`anndata.AnnData` object, such as :func:`` (default) or :func:``. kwargs Keyword arguments for ``read_callback``. Returns ------- %(adata)s """ def maybe_create_lineage(backward: bool, pretty_name: Optional[str] = None) -> None: lin_key = Key.obsm.abs_probs(backward) pretty_name = "" if pretty_name is None else (pretty_name + " ") names_key = Key.obs.term_states(backward) colors_key = Key.uns.colors(names_key) if lin_key in adata.obsm.keys(): n_cells, n_lineages = adata.obsm[lin_key].shape"Creating {pretty_name}`Lineage` from `adata.obsm[{lin_key!r}]`") if names_key not in adata.obs: logg.warning( f" Lineage names not found in `adata.uns[{names_key!r}]`, creating new names" ) names = [f"Lineage {i}" for i in range(n_lineages)] elif len(adata.obs[names_key].cat.categories) != n_lineages: logg.warning( f" Lineage names are don't have the required length ({n_lineages}), creating new names" ) names = [f"Lineage {i}" for i in range(n_lineages)] else:" Successfully loaded names") names = list(adata.obs[names_key].cat.categories) if colors_key not in adata.uns: logg.warning( f" Lineage colors not found in `adata.uns[{colors_key!r}]`, creating new colors" ) colors = _create_categorical_colors(n_lineages) elif len(adata.uns[colors_key]) != n_lineages or not all( map(lambda c: is_color_like(c), adata.uns[colors_key]) ): logg.warning( f" Lineage colors don't have the required length ({n_lineages}) " f"or are not color-like, creating new colors" ) colors = _create_categorical_colors(n_lineages) else:" Successfully loaded colors") colors = adata.uns[colors_key] adata.obsm[lin_key] = Lineage( adata.obsm[lin_key], names=names, colors=colors ) adata.uns[colors_key] = colors adata.uns[names_key] = names else: logg.debug( f"Unable to load {pretty_name}`Lineage` from `adata.obsm[{lin_key!r}]`" ) adata = read_callback(path, **kwargs) maybe_create_lineage(False, pretty_name="forward") maybe_create_lineage(True, pretty_name="backward") return adata