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from typing import Any
from typing_extensions import Literal

from enum import auto

from anndata import AnnData
from cellrank import logging as logg
from cellrank._key import Key
from import ModeEnum
from cellrank.ul._docs import d, inject_docs
from import _correlation_test_helper
from import PseudotimeKernel

import numpy as np
from scipy.stats import gmean, hmean
from scipy.sparse import issparse

class CytoTRACEAggregation(ModeEnum):  # noqa: D101
    MEAN = auto()
    MEDIAN = auto()
    GMEAN = auto()
    HMEAN = auto()

[docs]@d.dedent class CytoTRACEKernel(PseudotimeKernel): """ Kernel which computes directed transition probabilities based on a KNN graph and the CytoTRACE score \ :cite:`gulati:20`. The KNN graph contains information about the (undirected) connectivities among cells, reflecting their similarity. CytoTRACE can be used to estimate cellular plasticity and in turn, a pseudotemporal ordering of cells from more plastic to less plastic states. This kernel internally uses the :class:`` to direct the KNN graph on the basis of the CytoTRACE-derived pseudotime. %(density_correction)s Parameters ---------- %(adata)s %(backward)s %(cytotrace.parameters)s %(cond_num)s check_connectivity Check whether the underlying KNN graph is connected. kwargs Keyword arguments for :class:``. Example ------- Workflow:: # import packages and load data import scvelo as scv import cellrank as cr adata = cr.datasets.pancreas() # standard pre-processing sc.pp.filter_genes(adata, min_cells=10) sc.pp.normalize_total(adata) sc.pp.log1p(adata) sc.pp.highly_variable_genes(adata) # CytoTRACE by default uses imputed data - a simple way to compute KNN-imputed data is to use scVelo's moments # function. However, note that this function expects `spliced` counts because it's designed for RNA velocity, # so we're using a simple hack here: if 'spliced' not in adata.layers or 'unspliced' not in adata.layers: adata.layers['spliced'] = adata.X adata.layers['unspliced'] = adata.X # compute KNN-imputation using scVelo's moments function scv.pp.moments(adata) # import and initialize the CytoTRACE kernel, compute transition matrix - done! from import CytoTRACEKernel ctk = CytoTRACEKernel(adata).compute_transition_matrix() """ def __init__( self, adata: AnnData, backward: bool = False, layer: str = "Ms", aggregation: Literal[ "mean", "median", "hmean", "gmean" ] = CytoTRACEAggregation.MEAN, use_raw: bool = False, compute_cond_num: bool = False, check_connectivity: bool = False, **kwargs: Any, ): super().__init__( adata, backward=backward, time_key=Key.cytotrace("pseudotime"), compute_cond_num=compute_cond_num, check_connectivity=check_connectivity, layer=layer, aggregation=aggregation, use_raw=use_raw, **kwargs, ) self._time_key = Key.cytotrace("pseudotime") # quirk or PT kernel def _read_from_adata( self, time_key: str, layer: str = "Ms", aggregation: Literal[ "mean", "median", "hmean", "gmean" ] = CytoTRACEAggregation.MEAN, use_raw: bool = True, **kwargs: Any, ) -> None: self.compute_cytotrace(layer=layer, aggregation=aggregation, use_raw=use_raw) super()._read_from_adata(time_key=time_key, **kwargs)
[docs] @d.get_sections(base="cytotrace", sections=["Parameters"]) @inject_docs(ct=CytoTRACEAggregation) def compute_cytotrace( self, layer: str = "Ms", aggregation: Literal[ "mean", "median", "hmean", "gmean" ] = CytoTRACEAggregation.MEAN, use_raw: bool = False, ) -> None: """ Re-implementation of the CytoTRACE algorithm :cite:`gulati:20` to estimate cellular plasticity. Computes the number of genes expressed per cell and ranks genes according to their correlation with this measure. Next, it selects to top-correlating genes and aggregates their (imputed) expression to obtain the CytoTRACE score. A high score stands for high differentiation potential (naive, plastic cells) and a low score stands for low differentiation potential (mature, differentiation cells). Parameters ---------- layer Key in :attr:`anndata.AnnData.layers` or `'X'` for :attr:`anndata.AnnData.X` from where to get the expression. aggregation How to aggregate expression of the top-correlating genes. Valid options are: - `{ct.MEAN!r}` - arithmetic mean. - `{ct.MEDIAN!r}` - median. - `{ct.HMEAN!r}` - harmonic mean. - `{ct.GMEAN!r}` - geometric mean. use_raw Whether to use the :attr:`anndata.AnnData.raw` to compute the number of genes expressed per cell (#genes/cell) and the correlation of gene expression across cells with #genes/cell. Returns ------- Nothing, just modifies :attr:`anndata.AnnData.obs` with the following keys: - `'ct_score'` - the normalized CytoTRACE score. - `'ct_pseudotime'` - associated pseudotime, essentially `1 - CytoTRACE score`. - `'ct_num_exp_genes'` - the number of genes expressed per cell, basis of the CytoTRACE score. It also modifies :attr:`anndata.AnnData.var` with the following keys: - `'ct_gene_corr'` - the correlation as specified above. - `'ct_correlates'` - indication of the genes used to compute the CytoTRACE score, i.e. the ones that correlated best with `'num_exp_genes'`. Notes ----- This will not exactly reproduce the results of the original CytoTRACE algorithm :cite:`gulati:20` because we allow for any normalization and imputation techniques whereas CytoTRACE has built-in specific methods for that. """ # check use_raw aggregation = CytoTRACEAggregation(aggregation) if use_raw and self.adata.raw is None: logg.warning("`adata.raw` is `None`. Setting `use_raw=False`") use_raw = False if use_raw and self.adata.raw.n_vars != self.adata.n_vars: logg.warning( f"`adata.raw` has different number of genes ({self.adata.raw.n_vars}) " f"than `adata` ({self.adata.n_vars}). Setting `use_raw=False`" ) use_raw = False adata_mraw = self.adata.raw if use_raw else self.adata if layer != "X" and layer not in self.adata.layers: raise KeyError( f"Unable to find `{layer!r}` in `adata.layers`. " f"Valid option are: `{sorted({'X'} | set(self.adata.layers.keys()))}`." ) msg = f"Computing CytoTRACE score with `{self.adata.n_vars}` genes" if self.adata.n_vars < 10000: msg += ". Consider using more than `10000` genes" start = # compute number of expressed genes per cell logg.debug( f"Computing number of genes expressed per cell with `use_raw={use_raw}`" ) num_exp_genes = np.array((adata_mraw.X > 0).sum(axis=1)).reshape(-1) self.adata.obs[Key.cytotrace("num_exp_genes")] = num_exp_genes # fmt: off # compute correlation with all genes logg.debug("Correlating all genes with number of genes expressed per cell") gene_corr, _, _, _ = _correlation_test_helper(adata_mraw.X.T, num_exp_genes[:, None]) # annotate the top 200 genes in terms of correlation logg.debug("Finding the top `200` most correlated genes") self.adata.var[Key.cytotrace("gene_corr")] = gene_corr top_200 = self.adata.var.sort_values(by=Key.cytotrace("gene_corr"), ascending=False).index[:200] self.adata.var[Key.cytotrace("correlates")] = False self.adata.var.loc[top_200, Key.cytotrace("correlates")] = True # compute mean/median over top 200 genes, aggregate over genes and shift to [0, 1] range logg.debug(f"Aggregating imputed gene expression using aggregation `{aggregation}` in layer `{layer}`") corr_mask = self.adata.var[Key.cytotrace("correlates")] imputed_exp = self.adata[:, corr_mask].X if layer == "X" else self.adata[:, corr_mask].layers[layer] if issparse(imputed_exp): imputed_exp = imputed_exp.A # aggregate across the top 200 genes if aggregation == CytoTRACEAggregation.MEAN: cytotrace_score = np.mean(imputed_exp, axis=1) elif aggregation == CytoTRACEAggregation.MEDIAN: cytotrace_score = np.median(imputed_exp, axis=1) elif aggregation == CytoTRACEAggregation.GMEAN: cytotrace_score = gmean(imputed_exp, axis=1) elif aggregation == CytoTRACEAggregation.HMEAN: cytotrace_score = hmean(imputed_exp, axis=1) else: raise NotImplementedError(f"Aggregation method `{aggregation}` is not yet implemented.") # fmt: on # scale to 0-1 range cytotrace_score -= np.min(cytotrace_score) cytotrace_score /= np.max(cytotrace_score) self.adata.obs[Key.cytotrace("score")] = cytotrace_score self.adata.obs[Key.cytotrace("pseudotime")] = 1 - cytotrace_score self.adata.uns[Key.cytotrace("params")] = { "aggregation": aggregation, "layer": layer, "use_raw": use_raw, } f"Adding `adata.obs[{Key.cytotrace('score')!r}]`\n" f" `adata.obs[{Key.cytotrace('pseudotime')!r}]`\n" f" `adata.obs[{Key.cytotrace('num_exp_genes')!r}]`\n" f" `adata.var[{Key.cytotrace('gene_corr')!r}]`\n" f" `adata.var[{Key.cytotrace('correlates')!r}]`\n" f" `adata.uns[{Key.cytotrace('params')!r}]`\n" f" Finish", time=start, )