cellrank.pl.lineage_drivers(adata, lineage, backward=False, n_genes=8, ncols=None, use_raw=False, title_fmt='{gene} qval={qval:.4e}', **kwargs)[source]

Plot lineage drivers that were uncovered using cellrank.tl.lineage_drivers().

  • adata (anndata.AnnData) – Annotated data object.

  • backward (bool) – Direction of the process.

  • lineage (str) – Lineage for which to plot the driver genes.

  • n_genes (int) – Top most correlated genes to plot.

  • ncols (Optional[int]) – Number of columns.

  • use_raw (bool) – Whether to access in anndata.AnnData.raw or not.

  • title_fmt (str) – Title format. Can include {gene}, {pval}, {qval} or {corr}, which will be substituted with the actual values.

  • figsize – Size of the figure.

  • dpi – Dots per inch.

  • save – Filename where to save the plot.

  • kwargs (Any) – Keyword arguments for scvelo.pl.scatter().

Return type



Nothing, just plots the figure. Optionally saves it based on save.