GPCCA.set_terminal_states_from_macrostates(names=None, n_cells=30, **kwargs)[source]

Manually select terminal states from macrostates.

  • names (Union[str, Sequence[str], Mapping[str, str], None]) – Names of the macrostates to be marked as terminal. Multiple states can be combined using ‘,’, such as ["Alpha, Beta", "Epsilon"]. If a dict, keys correspond to the names of the macrostates and the values to the new names. If None, select all macrostates.

  • n_cells (int) – Number of most likely cells from each macrostate to select.

Return type



Nothing, just updates the following fields:

  • terminal_states - Categorical annotation of terminal states.

  • terminal_states_probabilities - Aggregated probability of cells to be in terminal states.

  • terminal_states_probabilities_memberships - Terminal state membership matrix.