GPCCA.to_adata(keep=('X', 'raw'), *, copy=True)

Serialize self to anndata.Anndata.

  • keep (Union[Literal[‘all’], Sequence[Literal[‘X’, ‘raw’, ‘layers’, ‘obs’, ‘var’, ‘obsm’, ‘varm’, ‘obsp’, ‘varp’, ‘uns’]]]) –

    Which attributes to keep from the underlying adata. Valid options are:

    • ’all’ - keep all attributes specified in the signature.

    • typing.Sequence - keep only subset of these attributes.

    • dict - the keys correspond the attribute names and values to a subset of keys which to keep from this attribute. If the values are specified either as True or ‘all’, everything from this attribute will be kept.

  • copy (Union[bool, Sequence[Literal[‘X’, ‘raw’, ‘layers’, ‘obs’, ‘var’, ‘obsm’, ‘varm’, ‘obsp’, ‘varp’, ‘uns’]]]) – Whether to copy the data. Can be specified on per-attribute basis. Useful for attributes that store arrays. Attributes not specified here will not be copied.

Return type



adata : anndata.AnnData Annotated data object.