cellrank.datasets.lung(path='datasets/lung_regeneration.h5ad', **kwargs)[source]#

Regeneration of murine lung epithelial cells at 13 time points from [Strunz et al., 2020].

sc-RNA-seq dataset comprising 24 051 cells recorded using Drop-seq [Macosko et al., 2015] at 13 time points spanning days 2-15 past lung bleomycin injury. Data was filtered to remove control cells as well as later time points which are more spaced out. We wanted to focus on the densely sampled days where RNA velocity [La Manno et al., 2018] [Bergen et al., 2020] can be used to predict the future cellular state.

Contains raw spliced and unspliced count data, low-dimensional embedding coordinates as well as original cluster annotations.

Return type:



: adata : anndata.AnnData

Annotated data object.